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About Us

Why we exist

“Syntech believes in bringing value to the world through technology.”

Since our inception in 2002, we have, through the support of our clients, our commitment to the industry and a simple love for technology, helped to enrich the lives of people in Africa with exceptional electronic products.

With our thirst for learning, a drive for growth and a commitment to service excellence, we lead the market by overcoming challenges and never compromising our integrity.

Synergy is better than my way or your way. It’s our way.” – Stephen Covey

It’s our strong work ethic and committed team that makes Syntech a success. We hire people based on attitude above proven ability and our strong and supportive culture helps to align the company’s vision with individual aspirations. We strive to empower our team to share ideas and the initiative to take action.

We work closely with our key resellers to add value to the market by incorporating products, services and providing exceptional technical support. This methodology helps our partners to deliver more than just a product, it enables them to create solutions that match market demand.

We cater for several industries and operate in multiple vertical markets, with particular focus placed on providing value added service and support to:

  • Mass retail
  • Niche retail
  • Online retail
  • Managed service providers
  • Security and surveillance
  • Apple resellers

Our revolutionary approach to distribution and advanced logistics network of couriers throughout Sub-Saharan Africa enables us to deliver thousands of products daily and provide localised warranty support on all of our brands. This ensures that all clients can expect cost effective solutions, delivered on time. We offer a wide range of technical services which include memory and component upgrades and diagnosing of hardware problems. All of these are performed by members of our highly trained technical department

Executive Management

Craig Nowitz

Managing Director

A pioneer in the IT industry, Craig started his own distribution company in 1993 and through acquisitions and mergers was part of the creation of the largest IT distribution company in Africa in the late 90’s. He left the corporate world to continue his passion for finding and growing new brands and revolutionary products by investing into Syntech in 2011 and has not looked back.

Shirley Martyn

Financial Director

Shirley is one of the founders of Syntech. She has built several businesses over the past 30 years and was previously involved in supplying the clothing industry with raw materials. Shirley is the Financial Director for Syntech.

Rudi Thietz

Procurement Director

Rudi entered the IT Industry in 1994 as a technician. He spent 12 years with a leading distributor before joining the Syntech team. Rudi has a strong understanding of international markets and has built strong relationships with vendors across the world. Rudi oversees the Procurement and Logistics departments and ensures that Syntech effectively caters for our customer needs with the latest products and ample stock levels.

Ryan Martyn

Sales and Marketing Director

Ryan studied a BCOMM in Information Systems at UCT and co-founded Syntech with Shirley while he was studying. He went on to build the business focused on delivering value-added products and solutions to niche markets. Ryan is regarded as an expert on storage and data workflows for the film and media industry and works closely with resellers to develop and implement solutions into this market. Ryan is responsible for Sales and Marketing in the company.

What we believe in

Mission Statement

Syntech is committed to growth and realising our vision, we exist to service our customers, exceed their expectations and provide returns for our shareholders.

We support the success of our brands through Innovation and developing solutions before the market has demand. We listen to our clients, act on their feedback and become more efficient through improved processes.  We lead the market by sharing knowledge and empowering our partners. Our success is dependent on trust in our team, supporting the channel and protecting our resellers.

Vision Statement

Focused on our mission, leading through innovation, empowering through sharing, improving through awareness and growing through excellence.


Our company culture is defined by a thirst for learning a drive for growth and appreciation of excellence. We are united in our commitment to innovation, overcoming challenges together and never compromising our integrity.