Syntech’s 2017 Client Function- Setting sails to better relationships

This year Syntech decided to go all out with our client function. With the sponsorship of Crucial and Ballistix, we took to the sea to celebrate an ending to an epic 2016.

Our yacht was the incredibly stunning and extravagant Mirage 760 and with their highly qualified and trained staff we set sail from V&A Waterfront and headed out to the well-known bay of Clifton 4th beach. Guests had already been greeted with exotic white and blue lei and delicious Champaign cocktails. While sailing we could enjoy a drink downstairs on comfy couches or head upstairs to catch a breeze and a breath-taking view that only Cape Town has to offer. 

Upstairs was quite the place to be as one had the wind in your hair, whilst relaxing with good clients and friends. Our entertainment for the day was the famous DJ Dean Fuel who kept it quite low-key in the beginning but as the day went on so did the rhythm and everyone enjoyed pumping music at the end, while everyone danced their way home.

As we sailed along the coast of Cape Town, we experienced the magnificent view of Table Mountain in all its glory. On our way to Clifton, we had delectable, mouth-watering, exquisite (and I can go on) canapes. We had Caprese Crystal Pick (Boconccini, basil and cherry tomato popsicle with balsamic glaze), Fillet Roses (Seared beef fillet wrapped and rolled with soy, ginger and nori topped with cupi mayo and creamy horseradish), Bite Size Lamb Pot Pie (mini pot pies of flaky pastry filled with stewed lamb). Those were only the starters.

Once we docked in Clifton, they started to set up the pool and the slide. The slide came down from the top deck straight into the ocean. Which was enough to take your breath away each time you hit that freezing icy cold water that only Clifton can deliver.

Now back to the food, for the main course we had Gourmet Beef Slider (Petit sesame buns with juicy beef patty topped with caramelised onion, gherkin, tomato, mature cheddar and aioli with skinny fries) and it was to die for. For dessert, we had something very sweet, Salted Caramel Brownie Squares (Dark chocolate brownie cubes, topped with decadent salted caramel) or you could choose the Peanut butter and Patron shots (Peanut butter and Patron shot served with a chocolate peanut butter doughnut).

The swimming pool which is attached to the boat was well used as the weather was unbelievably hot and I think almost everyone had a swim. For those not brave enough to actually spend time in the water the gorgeous white and gold Pegasus floaters we just wonderful to relax on. The water was cold but what an epic experience, especially the slide (which almost everyone couldn’t resist going on).

What an atmosphere, chillaxing with a cold drink in one hand and great company in the other. It was an amazing day, one to remember for a very long time.

A huge thank you to Crucial / Ballistix for the sponsorship and an even bigger shout-out to our amazing clients. We are so proud and thankful for your loyal support.


Here are some pics and a video of the day:

Mirage docked at V&A plus our toys for the day

Mirage docked at V&A plus our toys for the day – photo by Syntech

Mirage 760 - DJ Fuel setting up plus our wonder clients

Mirage 760 – DJ Dean Fuel setting up plus our wonderful clients – photo by Syntech

Mirage 760 - Syntech & amazing view

A breathtaking view of Clifton – photo by Syntech

A toast to greater things

A toast to greater things – photo by Syntech

Syntech - our awesome pool

Mirage 760 – Our awesome pool – photo by Syntech

Mirage 760 - Clear view of all - Fun times

Mirage 760 – Clear view of all – Fun times – photo by Syntech