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Securing Your Files On A Crucial X6

03 September 2021

Long ago, weary travelers required trunks, boxes, crates, and even porters to carry their personal items on worldly travels. Today, you can carry everything needed for a fun-filled weekend or even a weeklong getaway – all in your carry-on. Times have changed, and the Crucial X6 gives travelers fast, portable, and convenient storage options that […]

5G, AI and Edge, Oh My! What to Expect in 2021 and Beyond

10 February 2021

5G, AI and Edge, Oh My! What to Expect in 2021 and Beyond By Allyson Klein Well, 2020 was not exactly something anyone could have predicted. But with a brand-new year ahead and new insights from the year behind us, we asked our executives to weigh in on what technologies they predict could take off […]

MSI Appoints Syntech as Distributor in South Africa

13 January 2020

  MSI, the global gaming giant, has appointed local tech company Syntech as a distributor for South Africa. MSI has been a consistent pioneer of the global gaming and creative communities. The brand is regarded by many as one of the most trusted names in gaming and esports. Syntech will initially offer a range of […]

Syntech’s 2017 Client Function- Setting sails to better relationships

29 March 2017

This year Syntech decided to go all out with our client function. With the sponsorship of Crucial and Ballistix, we took to the sea to celebrate an ending to an epic 2016. Our yacht was the incredibly stunning and extravagant Mirage 760 and with their highly qualified and trained staff we set sail from V&A Waterfront and headed out […]

Syntech Rocks rAge

24 October 2014

31, 254 Fans of Everything Geeky Visited the Dome Over Three Days From 10 to 12 October 2014! rAge targeted a few new and different segments of the market this year. Besides the usual crazy fanatical gamers who camped outside in the queue on Thursday night, we saw many more female visitors, technology enthusiasts, families, and a big jump […]