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Micron Advances Client SSDs

08 September 2021

The tech industry is like no other in which I’ve been involved, especially when it comes to SSDs. In the last 20 or more years, innovation has been continuous, built by some of the smartest minds around. I’m privileged and excited to lead teams of these smart people. The best part of working with innovative […]

Crucial P1 1TB NVMe SSD Review

07 March 2019

By Philip Broodryk Looking at the Crucial P1 1TB NVMe SSD The Crucial P1 1TB SSD is a must have for any enthusiast, gamer or anyone that doesn’t like long loading times when playing the latest games or opening applications. I have done some extensive testing on my Crucial P1 using the ATTO Disk mark and […]


14 October 2013

Micron – Engineered For Innovation Micron Technology, Inc. is an American multinational corporation based in Boise, Idaho, USA, best known for producing many forms of semiconductor devices. This includes DRAM, SDRAM, flash memory, SSD and CMOS image sensing chips… Syntech is a Micron distributor for Africa. To become a Micron reseller please complete our Reseller […]

Fast Memory Lets Your Interactive Cockpit Travel With You: Part I

26 July 2021

For almost 90 years, humankind has been driving automobiles, and for most of that time, we’ve looked for ways to be entertained and stay in touch while we drive. Today’s in-vehicle infotainment (IVI) systems have evolved far from broadcast technology delivering radio programs to consumers. Over the years, we’ve seen the growth of personalized entertainment […]

Streaming Tips from Twitch Pros Hafu and Professor Broman

24 June 2021

Twitch and YouTube streaming professionals like ProfessorBroman and Hafu had to start somewhere. Earning those first followers and subscribers is the hardest. It takes dedication to grow your channel from there. But it takes something else, too—something intangible that keeps viewers coming back. Maybe you are just so adept at a popular game that millions […]

Surviving Photo Storage Overload in a Selfie World

Photographs are uniquely magical, capable of capturing both the transient and transcendent details of a fleeting moment in our lives. A few decades ago, they were relatively rare too. We only pulled out our cameras for special occasions, printed photos in sets of 24 or 36, and pressed them into albums or hung them on […]

PC Gaming and Kids: A Starter Guide for Parents

25 May 2021

PC Gaming and Kids: A Starter Guide for Parents If your kids tell you they want to get into PC gaming, you’ll probably respond in one of two ways: pride, if you’re a gamer yourself, or apprehension, if you’re not. Gamers have likely been scouting games for their kids since they first became parents. They […]

What’s The Most Cost-effective PC Upgrade?

by Dan Waugh In a gaming world where more is better, gamers are always looking for the edge. But what’s the most cost-effective PC upgrade? Installing killer RAM and an SSD will boost your system performance and gameplay without emptying your wallet on an expensive GPU or CPU. Crucial Ballistix RAM offers an immediate performance […]

#MYTHICROYALE 3 Powered By MSI, AMD, Redragon, and Crucial

11 March 2021

#MYTHICROYALE FOR FORTNITE RETURNS FOR 2021 POWERED BY MSI, AMD, REDRAGON AND CRUCIAL 2021 will feature over R50,000 in cash and more up for grabs South Africa, 3 March 2021 – MSI, AMD, Redragon, Crucial and ACGL are proud to announce the 2021 edition of the #MythicRoyale for Fortnite tournament series. For the rest of 2021, local Fortnite players will […]

5G, AI and Edge, Oh My! What to Expect in 2021 and Beyond

10 February 2021

5G, AI and Edge, Oh My! What to Expect in 2021 and Beyond By Allyson Klein Well, 2020 was not exactly something anyone could have predicted. But with a brand-new year ahead and new insights from the year behind us, we asked our executives to weigh in on what technologies they predict could take off […]