About TaoTronics

TaoTronics is a leading consumer electronics brand operating around the world, specialising in small electronics and accessories. The brand was founded in 2011 and is dedicated to providing superior-quality, reasonably priced electronic products that improve the lives of customers. TaoTronics boasts an incredibly successful range of audio equipment and best-selling LED lamps that offer a unique experience that customers cannot get anywhere else. TaoTronics prides itself on understanding what consumers need and how to fulfil their demands. Since 2011, they’ve enjoyed years of continuous growth thanks to millions of satisfied customers around the world.

TaoTronics strives to continuously develop and innovate, which leads to a focus on utilising the latest technology in easy-to-use feature rich products. The brand focuses on the latest innovations and finds products that can connect with your daily life; ideas that can make your routine tasks easier; or technologies that truly enhance your activities. This ensures that the product that is delivered to you is optimised with only the best features, is of the highest quality, and will give you the biggest bang for your buck.

Syntech stocks a range of TaoTronics products, including Active Noise Cancelling Wireless Bluetooth Headphones, Bluetooth Sort In-Ear Headphones, Wireless Sound Bars and LED Desk Lamps.

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