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Hands-free Help from Anywhere in your Home – Your home is so much more than where power outlets are. TicHome Mini’s built-in battery and

splashproof IPX6 rating gives you the most versatile hands-free smart speaker to date. Bring it anywhere in your home and experience a life of new

possibilities with the Google Assistant by your side. TicHome Mini’s built-in battery allows you to take calls, schedule reminders, or relax with a

meditation session hands-free with no strings attached.

Bring TicHome Mini into any room in your home to take advantage of all the latest smart home integrations baked into the Google Assistant.

Control all your latest smart home gadgets from a single TicHome Mini. We promise it’ll be the smartest choice you can make. 360 Degree

Dynamic Sound – TicHome Mini’s downward facing 360° speaker has been engineered to bring you the biggest sound of any speaker of its class.

Simply tap your phone against TicHome Mini and start jamming out to your favorite tunes.




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