SKU: IF-55UG612

Finlux 55 DLED FHD IF Touch 16/7 LFD

Take your business or educational environment to the next level with this Full HD Interactive Flat Panel Display.



Designed with LED touchscreen technology, the Finlux Interactive Flat panel display is a dynamic and engaging solution for both education and business environments. Encouraging interactive communication, its technology facilitates learning as well as sharing information.


  • OPS (Open Pluggable Standard) compliant – empowering your screens with enhanced processing power and ability to choose Windows or Android as your operating system to fit your specific application.
  • Bring your workforce together through full HD interactive presentations, brainstorming and training.
  • Full HD with connectivity via USB, HDMI, DVI and Display Ports, and pluggable computers (OPS).
  • Touchscreen compatible – Infrared (IR) Touch Screens are designed to equip this product with user-interactivity, allowing the display to be smart, and interactive.
  • Able to operate for 16 hours a day, seven days a week.


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Weight 0.00 g
Dimensions 1280 × 751 × 123 cm



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