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Since the establishment of ORICO, it has opened up domestic and overseas offline channels in many countries around the world for 11 years, and has independent agents and distributors in many countries. Become a reseller today.

About Orico

ORICO is a brand that insists on seeking the truth and being pragmatic. This ethos inspires our business from the products we develop to the services we offer. We have pioneered critical thinking so that we’re not constrained whilst simultaneously striving for greatness with every new product we develop.

ORICO puts incredible focus into our Research & Development, Manufacturing, Design, and Production departments. This gives us the edge when it comes to product development across the entire industrial chain. We’re also able to timeously track and research new technologies, simultaneously developing products for the channel and retail sectors across our global sales network. We have a “two-week research and development, one-week production, MOQ of one” featured 211 service; this helps us continue to export USB and consumer electronics products for the market, while quickly capturing and reflecting market changes as well as constantly upgrading our products and services.


Since ORICO was established 11 years ago, we have opened up domestic and overseas sales channels via independent agents and distributors in countries around the world. At the same time, in the B2C business segment, ORICO has been identified as a market leader by the industry in the external HDD enclosure and USB3.0 peripherals for four consecutive years. Our intelligent fast-charging surge protector is one of the top 5 rapidly growing products globally.

Our acclaimed Research & Development team consists of nearly 100 senior engineers, structural engineers, electronic engineers, et cetera. This has helped us transition into a company with a deep reservoir of technical expertise that can develop thousands of products across categories like USB storage, USB expansion, USB power, USB charging, digital accessories, and peripherals. Our Research and Development team adds innovative new products to our product portfolio every week.

ORICO has invested nearly 80 million Yuan in our Internet & Creativity Industrial Park, which integrated training, project incubation, industry acceleration, investment, financing, and product development all in one space. Our annual production capacity at this facility can exceed 4 billion Yuan.

Adopting 5S management is the premise of creating excellent products. Orico has introduced advanced equipment in the industry and has guaranteed the realisation of exquisite technology to ensure high-quality products and high production capacity.


Made of ABS material; shockproof sponge mat inside keeps hard drive steady, data safe. Small and simple. Simple design with exquisite wiredrawing finish looks.

Docking Stations

Standalone clone docking station is the perfect solution for quickly and efficiently cloning HDDs.


Devoted to excellent electronic products and accessories, ORICO owns the most comprehensive computer peripherals and digital accessories including adapters.


High quality, affordable prices, sold in over 100 countries. ORICO is one of the gold standards in the industry and their accessories range is evidence.

Orico Products



Orico’s USB storage, expansion, power, charging, accessories, and peripheral products are available from a number of resellers. This means that upgrading your work or home office setup can be simple. Visit one of our customers to buy Orico products today or sign your business up to become an Orico reseller.