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Working with Syntech this year has been absolutely great when a company like yours gives us an image of success it is always a pleasure to work with you guys.
For example requesting a quote and placing an order today with you guys always guarantees delivery tomorrow.
Great work ethics and always happy service, big ups!

Jean - Marc Roets | Racing Distribution

The service of the accounting staff at Syntech has been exceptional. The correspondence and queries have been dealt with in a very professional and timeous way and their pleasant manner is always much appreciated.

Vaila | One Digital Media

Syntech services so far as being excellent, you have being a great help thus far and accommodating. Keep up the good work and I’m crossing my fingers for opening day tomorrow, thanks.

Shaun Poonen |

Dealing with Bernie at Syntech has been an absolute pleasure. She responds to my queries straight away and she is the most helpful accounts manager I have ever dealt with. She always goes the extra mile for me and she is just wonderful. I love dealing with Syntech because of Bernie and the rest of the accounts team.

Ricardo is a wonderful sales person to deal with. He understands the urgency of my needs and responds to my requests for pricing, availability and invoices immediately. He always goes the extra mile for me. He makes a plan when the items I need are out of stock by putting together other solutions to meet my needs. Ricardo makes working with Syntech a wonderful experience.

Ashleigh Martyn | DigitalDepot

Syntech are our Exclusive Distribution Partner for our Micron, Crucial and Ballistix brands in the region due to their incomparable dedication, understanding and focus on our core market areas.  With significant investment by the team over the last few years and the opening of their new state of the art facility in Cape Town I am excited to see just how one of our best engaged partners Worldwide can get even better!

Paul Reynolds |

Afternoon Jarrier, I would just like to thank you and Syntech for your awesome service during my time in the Mac Procurement department. You guys were extremely helpful and the very few hiccups we encounted were handled professionally and quickly! Thank you Syntech Team 🙂

Celeste | iFix Repair Specialists

“I would just like to take this opportunity to let you know that we are very happy to have Dean as our account manager, he is always on top of his game, his response times are phenomenal and he has a high level of product knowledge. In fact we have only had great dealings with all the staff at Syntech.”

Brad McWilliams | Web Direct

We have been dealing with Syntech for about 8 years now, and it has been an absolute pleasure.

Not only do they have a wonderful product range, they also have the sales personnel to back it up with excellent product knowledge and after sales service.

Their efficiency stands out head and shoulders above most other suppliers.

Keep up the great work guys.  We look forward to many more years of enjoyable business dealings.

The Ability IT Team

Brian Rudman | Ability IT

Good Day Matthew, we here at Dc3 would just like to Thank you and the Syntech Team for, excellent service we have been receiving from you guys. Going the extra mile to fit our needs stock pricing and delivery. The weekly pop-ins for with new products and promotions. The training and meeting on latest products. We are looking forward to a superb business relationship with Syntech in the future.

Oscar Haley | DC3 Distribution

With so many companies already in the market, it’s hard to actually find a company where service, helpfulness, and friendliness are actually considered a priority. Syntech definitely stands out of the crowd! Always willing to go the extra mile and beyond, Great Service, Superb product portfolio, exceptional prices, and a support group 2nd to none. Constantly expanding their offerings to bring the latest and the best of what’s available in the market. Syntech is definitely a go-to for any consumer needs. Thanks guys for being pioneers in the market, keep on leading the market, and show the competitors how it’s done!

Kamran Sorathia | Evetech

“Team Syntech – Always a pleasure to do business with. Thoroughly professional, operationally excellent and strategically focussed. We love our customers and our customers love your brands – a marriage destined for success. As ever, we look forward to doing business with the team and seeing which boundaries we can push together”

Darrin Hawkes |

Syntech have been an amazing company to deal with. Their efficient and friendly service has always made it a pleasure to use them for products and services. Tracey has been amazing with getting great pricing and fast turnaround times when ordering items. I look forward to many wonderful years ahead.

Thanks, God bless

Vernon Franz |

As we work through each month, trying to meet client deadlines, sales targets and remain somewhat sane, I get to the end of each week thinking about who has been our best supplier. I’d just like to tell you about Syntech is often up there close to the top of my personal “best suppliers of the week” list. Your staff respond promptly to regular quote enquiries, you generally ship promptly and your logistics service leaves us in no doubt whatsoever as to where the stock is (they’re probably a bit over-enthusiastic in this regard!) prior to its delivery into our eager hands. We also receive excellent technical support from your team when selecting gear for our clients. Your product offering is exciting and technologically matched to our business, so we tend to go to your team first. Areas for improvement: a visiting sales rep in Durban to keep us abreast of new technology, and short-term credit facilities so we can get stock with our having to do banking thing before shipping. Otherwise, you’re all good. Thank you for making our lives a little bit easier in a challenging business world.

Allison J Alan-Brown | BA Sound

“Working with Syntech is a huge pleasure. Their can-do attitude toward any challenge is the reason we keep doing business with them. Their willingness to improve processes to match ours is a great positive in keeping a good work relationship going. Thanks Syntech!”

Ravena Naidoo |

Thank you Jarrier

You’ve really been a great help. I wish syntech could supply all our products. By far the best company I have to deal with.

Otherwise have a great Christmas and a great New Year


Sondia Viljoen | Panavision

Firstly i want to thank you and your seniors, technicians for the best service ever, so happy to see that there is still organisations that care about the end user. I walk into your building yesterday and was welcomed with smiles and friendliness from everyone. Best of all was that i was assisted immediately and staff kept asking if i was being assisted. Thank you so much for sorting out my gaming case, the technician (did not get his name) please let him know how happy i am, He even gave my case a quick clean. Thumbs up for senior management for the role they play in this great service delivery. Just wish i had the option of buying directly from you as local suppliers will need to up their game 500% to even come close to match your service delivery.

PLEASE make sure that this mail finds its way to senior management,think they will appreciate the work and effort you guys deliver.

Louis van Dyk |

This week I had a problem with a DVR and popped in and spoke to Christian who asked me to bring the unit in to be tested. Unfortunately it turned out that I needed to replace the unit.

I placed an order for a new unit and asked them to get it to Christian to transfer the hard drive from the old unit. This was done and the drive formatted and tested. Christian then made sure that I could access the DVR via the network. I would like to express my sincere thanks to both Shauntino and Jed in sales for the professional way that the handled my problem and ensured that I left totally satisfied.

Especially, I would like to Thank Christian for the professional and friendly way I was treated. He certainly went out of his way and I really appreciated it. You may pass my thanks on to these guys. I have been in sales for 36 years and one of the earliest things I was told was that there are only two rules when it comes to customer. Rule 1 – The customer is always right. Rule 2 – If the customer is wrong see rule 1.

I think these guys are truly customer orientated.

Dave Marais |

My experience in working with Syntech is very much positive.
The professionalism is so refreshing and organized, working with Matthew & Kobus is such a great pleasure. The commitment to creating a win for all is something we appreciate.
They have adapted and are flexible to our culture, simply by understanding our needs and turn-around time.Thank you Syntech for making my buying process a very pleasant experience.

Tiny Modise | Westech

I would just like to hereby express my gratitude in the communication from Philip Broodryk during my order I placed with Syntech.

With every step, I was informed of the updated ETA of the order and when there was any delays I was notified of this immediately.

In short, I would just like to say that I am extremely happy with the service level you have provided and that dealing with Syntech and Philip Broodryk is always a pleasant experience.

You have always gone above and beyond to help and it is greatly appreciated.

Richard Sloane | Titan-Ice Computers

JR Watson t/a JJ Design have found the service from the accounts department and liaison with Chantal Walters of Syntech to be exceptional. They always acknowledge any email sent to them promptly and courteously. Thet not only email me when I need to make a payment, but it is followed up with a phone call. It is a pleasure doing business with a company whose staff are always and without exception, so pleasant.

Colleen Watson | JR Watson t/a JJ Design

My experience in working with Syntech has been a very positive one. Their professionalism is refreshing. Syntech after sales service is good, their feedback is also good.The account managers are always willing to help. I Have dealt with Paul and Nico. I will recommend Syntech to any of my customers.

Zoné de Swardt | SSCInfrasek

“We have experienced helpful staff and knowledgeable representatives. The products are extremely reliable, great quality and the pricing is very competitive.

The backup and customer service that Syntech has provided us are excellent and would highly recommend them and their products.”

Carike Grobbelaar | Smart Spaces
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