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March Syntech Newsletter

Syntech News March 2015 What’s NEW this month… Syntech gives away R100 000 worth of products! Western Digital… Colours Campaign: Join the dash! Giada – The Leading Cloud Computing Equipment Supplier Useful Tips…Your guide to Social Media Success Syntech gives away R100 000 worth of products… Choose your product…Write a review…Keep your product! Syntech’s new “Write […]

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GIADA… The Leading Cloud Computing Equipment Supplier

Giada Technology is the leading cloud computing equipment supplier. The brand name “Giada” is derived from the Italian meaning “Jade”, which symbolises the quality and style of each and every product that Giada produces in its state of the art manufacturing facility. With a strong R&D division and product knowledge, Giada has established itself as a leading manufacturer in performance, creativity […]

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Western Digital Colours Campaign… Join the dash and WIN!

Colours make you happy… Western Digital want you to be happy…  Win with Western Digital this month…Peaked your interest? Win big this month with Western Digital… “Up for the Purple Challenge?” or would you rather win the WD Lottery? Syntech has two very exciting Campaigns running this month with Western Digital. WD Purple Campaign Not […]

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Syntech gives away R100 000 worth of products!

Choose your product…Write a review…Keep your product! Syntech’s new “Write a Review Campaign” is simply insane! Who gives away R100 000 worth of products? And there is no catch! All we ask is for you to select your product off the Monday mailer you receive… wait to hear if you are a winner… write and submit […]

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Latest Syntech CCTV News What’s NEW this month… New from IDIS: Motorised Focus and Zoom Dome Cameras Where is Your Security System Manufactured? CCTV Training Corner Bargain Box New from IDIS Motorised Focus and Zoom Dome Cameras IDIS has announced a new range of motorized focus and zoom dome cameras expanding its DirectIP™ camera line […]

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Syntech at a glance

Syntech sources industry-leading technology products from around the world and distributes these throughout Sub-Saharan Africa. We focus on high performance brands such as Crucial, G-Technology, Sonnet, Kanex, Giada, Western Digital, Atto, Seasonic and many more.

We are specialists in:

  • Computer systems and components
  • CCTV and surveillance solutions
  • Consumer electronics and accessories
  • Apple related products
  • Professional storage solutions
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We look forward to continuing to build a mutually  beneficial business relationship with your company.  We also thank Syntech  for all the support, and exciting products we have had the privilege of marketing/reselling  this year, much appreciated.

Helmut Lippert
IP Connection

Seldom do you come across a company that has service as their first priority. It is truly a pleasure dealing with Syntech. A professional and enjoyable experience.

Lisa Wright

I loved the battery charger! I actually got stuck in the car with my wife in the dead of night with both our phones out of power. Managed to rapidly charge both her iPhone and my Android phone in order to call for assistance and sort out other potentially dangerous logistics. QYG Power Pack QP5000 for the win!

Gavin Dudley
TECH Magazine

Syntech are by far the best IT and electronics supplier I have dealt with. Not only are their prices competitive, they have a wide range of products that keeps growing, and their staff have fantastic product knowledge. Their service is unbelievable. From coming to train my staff on products and solutions, to putting together custom solutions that fit in with my needs, to going the extra mile and making miracles happen. More than anyone, the guys from Syntech understand the urgency of working in the film industry, and I know I can rely on them.

Ashleigh Martyn
Digital Depot

Well done in putting together a top notch crew, and thank you for allowing them the freedom to make us as your clients feel at home and secure in our business dealings with Syntech Cape Town.

F Jassiem
What our clients say