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Syntech become “Exclusive Distributors” for SPEEDLINK®

Europe’s leading manufacturers of office & entertainment peripherals Jöllenbeck GmbH, founded in 1974 is one of Europe’s leading manufacturers of office & entertainment peripherals. Since its formation, Jöllenbeck has positioned itself very successfully in the PC, video gaming console and handheld accessories market. The product portfolio of its own brand SPEEDLINK® includes sound systems, headsets, […]

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ASUS “The Choice of Champions” chooses Syntech

ASUS South Africa is pleased to announce a new partnership with Syntech… ”ASUS South Africa is pleased to announce a new partnership with Syntech. 2015 is a big year for ASUS with 500 million motherboards sold to date. We look forward to selling 500 Million more with the help of brilliant partners like Syntech” Syntech […]

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Introducing TotoLink: Korea’s No. 1 Network Brand

Syntech appointed as official distributor for TOTOLINK Networking products       TOTOLINK, Korea’s leading provider of wireless and networking solutions is now available in South Africa. The range of networking equipment designed to deliver the latest technology at competitive price points includes Wireless routers, Wireless USB adapters, Wireless PCI-E Adapter and Switches. “We conducted […]

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January CCTV Newletter

Latest Syntech CCTV News… What’s NEW this month… Trends that have changed the course of Security CCTV Training Corner ABC of Security Terminology Bargain Box Latest Trends Trends that have changed the course of Security Analytics:One of the most notable trends this year will be the expansion of analytics for security applications, mainly where the […]

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CCTV Training Corner: Coax Cable & BNC Assembly

CCTV Training Corner RG59 – Coax Cable & BNC Assembly The first step in installing the video surveillance system is running the RG59 Coaxial Cable between the various camera locations and the DVR. Please ensure that you have allowed enough cable at each end (camera and DVR) to allow for possible last minute changes. The […]

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Syntech at a glance

Syntech sources industry-leading technology products from around the world and distributes these throughout Sub-Saharan Africa. We focus on high performance brands such as Crucial, G-Technology, Sonnet, Kanex, Giada, Western Digital, Atto, Seasonic and many more.

We are specialists in:

  • Computer systems and components
  • CCTV and surveillance solutions
  • Consumer electronics and accessories
  • Apple related products
  • Professional storage solutions
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We look forward to continuing to build a mutually  beneficial business relationship with your company.  We also thank Syntech  for all the support, and exciting products we have had the privilege of marketing/reselling  this year, much appreciated.

Helmut Lippert
IP Connection

Well done in putting together a top notch crew, and thank you for allowing them the freedom to make us as your clients feel at home and secure in our business dealings with Syntech Cape Town.

F Jassiem

Seldom do you come across a company that has service as their first priority. It is truly a pleasure dealing with Syntech. A professional and enjoyable experience.

Lisa Wright

Having known Syntech since 2007, they have become a family of likeminded people. Always willing to go the extra mile, and keeping at the cutting edge of technology! Wiredcape IT highly recommends Syntech as an IT distributor.

Peter Angelakis
Wiredcape IT

I loved the battery charger! I actually got stuck in the car with my wife in the dead of night with both our phones out of power. Managed to rapidly charge both her iPhone and my Android phone in order to call for assistance and sort out other potentially dangerous logistics. QYG Power Pack QP5000 for the win!

Gavin Dudley
TECH Magazine
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