Memory at the Heart of Today’s Consumer Application

27 October 2020

Memory at the Heart of Today’s Consumer Application

By Sunny Chhabra

Advances in technology are transforming all industries to create a seamlessly connected and insight-driven data ecosystem. CES 2020 has us pondering consumer technology and the “Intelligent Edge,” which combines innovation from artificial intelligence (AI), the cloud and 5G-connected devices to revolutionize business — and ultimately society as we know it.

One key development in today’s marketplace is the increasing complexity of devices. Emerging use models such as AI, augmented reality (AR) and advanced imaging are requiring new ways of processing, sharing and using data. Micron’s innovation in memory and storage has been foundational and is particularly newsworthy now that memory and storage are increasingly critical to the mobile platform. Our LPDRAM and multichip packages feature faster, more efficient access to data — balancing demands for storage and computational power with size constraints, cost-effectiveness and battery power.

Intelligence at the Edge

Whether it’s smartphones, home appliances, wearables, consumer electronics or vehicles, the number of connected devices is growing dramatically worldwide. Memory and storage play a key role — devices must store and process local data in near real time to reduce the backhaul traffic when sending to the cloud or data center. Plus, compute is now often required at the network edge to drive action. This Intelligent Edge, enabled by technology, is where data can be analyzed, aggregated and stored across endpoints.

Collectively, these edge devices are generating a massive amount of data, so more innovation to decode and process the data at the device level is critical.

Memory at the Heart of Technology

Micron’s history, present and future are focused on memory and data storage. Our vision is to transform how the world uses information to enrich life. We are the memory makers, so our efforts touch many industries and disciplines aligned with CES.

  • Memory is the heart of technology, the driving force that pumps life into every product, application and innovation it touches.
  • Memory is the heart of consumer experiences, making esports more active and virtual reality (VR) more interactive.
  • Memory is the heart of industry, making vehicles more autonomous and smart homes more convenient.
  • And it is the heart of AI, enabling it to do everything from making us coffee to making us laugh.

Massive Data in Gaming and VR

Gaming has become ever more data intensive. In fact, more than 80% of gamers today use 8GB+ of data in their gaming devices, and half of gamers use a terabyte of storage. Immersive technologies on your PCs or your gaming consoles are enabled by Micron memory to make these experiences more lifelike. To fake motion that looks real; to realistically model light, reflections and images; to create a real-life experience on AR/VR and gaming devices, we partner with ecosystem leaders as well as gaming console providers to share Micron technologies for things like 3D rendering or ray tracing.

It’s not just about gaming. As the 5G broadband wireless rolls out over the next several months or few years, foundational hardware from Micron will help to create 360-degree immersive experiences on your smartphone. You’ll be able to watch a game that’s being broadcast from a stadium on your phone from any angle. But to get there, your smart devices will require more memory and more storage.


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Sunny Chhabra is a senior digital marketing manager at Micron, integrating social marketing and channel communications.

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