World Overclocking Competition

09 November 2017

Syntech is proud to announce that Antec’s HCP-1300 Platinum PSU has been selected (out of all the brands available in the world) as the official brand to power up 12 PC systems, which are forming part of this exciting Championship. There will be 2 units of the HCP-1300 in each system with the following specs:

• 80 Plus Platinum ErP Lot 6
• 110 V AC 220 V AC
• 1300W Continuous Power – Guaranteed 1300W of Continuous Power from Antec
• 16-pin Socket – Industry-leading 16-pin sockets double the modular connectivity by supporting 2 different 8-pin cables per socket and allow for future connector changes
• 28(20+8)-pin MBU socket – World’s first socket for possible future MBU connectors
• Whisper-quiet high-quality double ball bearing fan with long lifetime

See full details – World Overclocking Competition

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