Rii Tek Technologies

04 July 2012

Being a market-oriented, technology-driven company that keeps people at the forefront are the basis of the company. Rii Tek Technologies put innovation, circumspection and devotion into the developing of new products. Through their strong development capability, advanced manufacturing technology and first-class product quality, they are selected as a technology solution providers and ODM / OEM partners by many top brands.

This is complimented by their skills in sales- listening to customer demand, rapid action and using special support and protection strategies. Since its establishment, Riitek Co., LTD has grown rapidly, establishing many strategic partners- distributors involved in the powerful global network. The products are selling around the world, including Russia, the United States, Germany, France, Britain, Canada, Australia, the Netherlands, India, Singapore, Spain, South Korea, Brazil, South Africa, Morocco, Japan, Finland, Hong Kong and other countries and regions. At the same time, they have established a stable and friendly relationship of cooperation with a lot of respectable suppliers and well-known IC manufacturers.