Securing Your Files On A Crucial X6

03 September 2021

Long ago, weary travelers required trunks, boxes, crates, and even porters to carry their personal items on worldly travels. Today, you can carry everything needed for a fun-filled weekend or even a weeklong getaway – all in your carry-on. Times have changed, and the Crucial X6 gives travelers fast, portable, and convenient storage options that allow you to leave your cumbersome laptop at home. For the space and weight-conscious traveler, pairing a portable SSD with a tablet offers laptop-type performance while preserving space in your carry-on.

Mishaps such as lost or stolen luggage, wallets, or purses can turn a vacation into a nightmare. Saving copies of your important documents (passports, ID cards, medical forms, certificates, licenses, credit cards, boarding passes, etc.) on a Crucial X6 allows you to have backup identification in the event they go missing. Carrying your X6 in your pocket or separately from your other valuables could save a lot of headaches trying to prove who you are in the event your identification is lost or stolen. If a picture is worth a thousand words, a picture saved of your passport or license could easily help prove your identity and minimize frustration. Just be sure to encrypt your drive or folders in the drive to add security to those files if your drive is lost or stolen.

Portable SSDs are more durable than portable HDDs due to their lack of moving parts such as spinning platters and moving arms. With its 7.5-foot drop rating, you can trust your Crucial X6 will work even with how gentle baggage handlers are at airports. As an avid outdoorsman and adventure seeker, I demand my gear works in many different environments. The Crucial X6 has been tested against extreme temperatures, shock, and vibration. It’s extremely reassuring to know that my files, documents, and photos are safe and secure when I am off on an adventure.

If you have ever lost your pictures and videos, you know the value of backing up to a second location. The Crucial X6 gives you the option of storing your important and personal files in a device you can easily keep in your pocket and carry safely with you.

Convenience when traveling is everyone’s goal — we plan, pack, and even dress for convenience when traveling. Pairing a Crucial X6 with a tablet offers similar storage as a laptop with less cost, size, and weight, making them ideal for traveling. While I anticipate and look forward to the trip itself, I don’t usually look forward to the downtime of flying or time spent in airport terminals. I like to pass my time by enjoying movies, e-books, and listening to my music like most, but I also use a wireless keyboard to stay up on work and email. You no longer need to fight with your laptop, the travel tray, and the seatback in front of you — you can sit back with your complimentary beverage and pretzels and enjoy your files and media on your tablet and drive.

While we aren’t all the next Ansel Adams, virtually all travelers enjoy capturing memories and moments in either picture or video form. Portable SSDs and a tablet offer an extremely fast and convenient way of viewing, editing, and storing your media while abroad. Sure, you won’t have the same editing capabilities, but most of us are not professional photographers and don’t need edited photos instantly. I would argue a tablet and portable drive paired with your camera is more convenient than a laptop for the average traveler. For outdoor enthusiasts, adventure seekers, or those who prefer the simple and rugged approach of action cameras such as a GoPro®, then a tablet and drive is super convenient. You can view and edit your files on your tablet via the GoPro App, then save them to your portable SSD. I enjoy editing and reflecting about my adventures on my trip home, and anyone that travels knows as soon as you get home people want to see the pictures.

One limiting factor I find however is power. Tablets don’t have the capacity that most laptops do. I found that when adding a portable SSD and wireless keyboard, my tablet consumes power at a faster rate. My solution is to carry a small battery pack that I charge via USB or even a small solar panel that will charge my tablet, phone, and camera. When traveling abroad, this allows me to keep items charged without needing multiple power outlet adapters.

Traveling can be stressful. Many things can ruin an experience or trip. Knowing that you have a rugged, fast, small, and convenient storage device such as the Crucial X6 can eliminate some stress of the unknown while traveling. Having peace of mind is one of the best things when traveling. Knowing you have a hotel or car reservation, a friend meeting you, and that your personal files are secure can alleviate a lot of potential worrying. Traveling with a tablet and portable SSD can give you some peace of mind — downloading local maps or installing a translation app can simplify traveling to exotic places.

Computers, tablets, and luggage can all be replaced, but pictures, videos, and personal data cannot. Make the most of your trip. Pair a Crucial X6 with a tablet for a secure, convenient, worry-free vacation. Super easy, super small, and super convenient — what more could a traveler ask for?  Happy Travels!


Daniel Waugh is a content writer. He is passionate about technology and the outdoors and enjoys merging the two.

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