For the past 30 years, Port Designs has developed strong worldwide partnerships. Recognized internationally by more than 10 000 distributors and retailers, Port is regularly acknowledged for its products and innovations around the world.

About Port

Port Designs was founded in France in 1992 and has since grown year-on-year. Port is now one of the leading luggage and accessory brands for technology products. Their products are now distributed in more than 43 countries around the world. Their offering includes a wide variety of products for tablets, laptop cases, backpacks, laptop power supplies as well as an accessory range designed to complement the latest technologies.

Port Designs is constantly evolving, developing new product concepts, designs and materials to cope with the perpetual evolution of technologies. Port’s expertise is based on a unique knowledge of solutions in both luggage and technological accessories that are innovative and improve the user experience – while still being designed in line with the style and elegance the company has become known for.


Port focuses on innovation, introducing 30 new products every quarter. Port has three main categories in which each have their own niche: PORT Designs, Port Connect and Port’s ECO range. Port’s wide range of quality peripherals and accessories are all designed in a Parisian studio for unique and authentic input and made with attention to detail and elegance.

PORT Designs focuses on luggage and carry cases for laptops and backpacks to make commuting to and from work, easy with the correct support.

Port Connect centers their range on connectivity and home office solutions. From cables, adapters, hubs and docking stations, Port Connect guarantees uncomplicated tech resolutions that will enhance performance in the workplace.

Port’s ECO range is an innovative product category, dedicated to sustainable practices and follows environmentally responsible procedures when it comes to designing and creating ECO products. Not only is the range less damaging to the environment, but it also provides a premium experience.

Bags & Carry Cases

PORT Designs consists of an extensive range of luggage including traditional carry cases, messenger style bags, backpacks, laptop cases. PORT Designs creates bags and cases in elegant, and professional styles.

Office Peripherals

Port provides office peripherals to increase productivity and minimize distractions. Aside from functional peripherals, Port also manufactures ergonomic office gear.

Workspace Accessories

Port offers accessories to elevate your workspace with notebook stands, universal docking stations and hubs to ensure an efficient and functional workstation while remaining minimalistic and stylish.


ECO by PORT Designs

PORT Designs implemented a sustainable approach of social and environmental responsibility. The ECO-responsible range is designed and produced from recycled materials.

Designed in Paris

All PORT Designs products, bags and accessories are designed with elegance. The brand prides itself
on excellence and quality, ensuring that each PORT item is functional and elegant.


Port has an ergonomic range dedicated to delivering comfort and efficiency. Their ergonomic products focus on having a functional office setup to maximize performance and productivity.

Port Products



Recognized internationally by more than 10 000 distributors and retailers, Port is regularly acknowledged for its products and innovations around the world, with many internationally renowned clients. Innovation is at the heart of the company’s philosophy and solutions are specifically created to offer technological excellence combined with elegance.