PPE Donation To Reopen Cape Town’s Libraries 

01 September 2020

On Friday last week, Syntech partnered with a local Non-Profit Organisation to donate 100 thermometers and 6 000 3-ply single-use masks to the City of Cape Town’s Library and Information Centres. The Head Marketing and Communications of the Library and Information Services, Merle Collins, and Member of the Mayoral Committee, Councillor Zahid Badroodien, accepted the […]

Stretch Your Budget with These Cost-Effective PC Upgrades

31 August 2020

Stretch Your Budget with These Cost-Effective PC Upgrades There are few things worse than a slow laptop or desktop PC. Unresponsive and lagging computers are one of the biggest tech-related frustrations, and while it may seem like a buying a new computer is the only way out, there are ways to upgrade your PC and […]

Everything You Need to Know About AMD FreeSync

28 August 2020

  Everything You Need to Know About AMD FreeSync Screen tearing – the major culprit when it comes to display problems for gamers. Competitive gamers know that every frame matters and screen tearing will not only ruin the immersive experience when gaming, but create unnecessary lag. So how can you solve screen tearing? Well, since […]

Giada Multi-Display Players Power the Smart Restaurant in Hong Kong

There has been a major investment in digital signage hardware in retail spaces and in South Africa, Giada has been utilised as the solution for digital signage in multiple fast-food restaurants and retailers such as KFC, Spar, and Woolworths. To show Giada’s use-ability across the globe, below is another instance in which Giada solutions were […]

What COVID-19 Shuts Down, 5G Opens Up

What COVID-19 Shuts Down, 5G Opens Up By Raj Talluri   When the most important news stories of the day are COVID-19 and social unrest, discussion of the latest technology trends can feel superfluous. But as I work from home each day, I see the relevance and potential power of 5G all around me. My […]

What Happens When You Mix and Match DRAM?

27 August 2020

What Happens When You Mix and Match DRAM? It’s a common situation: you want to add or replace a DRAM module in your computer. But you already have another module. Can you mix and match DRAM with different generations, speed, latency, voltage, or manufacturers? In this blog, we’ll explore what happens in each of these […]

#MYTHICROYALE Powered By MSI, Redragon, Sparkfox, and Crucial

16 July 2020

R30,000 cash and more up for grabs in the second season of Fortnite action South Africa, 10 July 2020 – MSI, Redragon, Sparkfox, Crucial and ACGL are proud to announce the second season in the #MythicRoyale for Fortnite tournament series. From now until 28 November, local Fortnite players will be able to compete for cash […]

1More’s iBFree Sport Bluetooth In-Ear Headphones: A Runner’s Review

10 July 2020

1More’s iBFree Sport Bluetooth In-Ear Headphones: A Runner’s Review By Werner Schmidt When you speak to runners about running to the tune of music you will get complete polar opposite views and everything in between. From the ‘absolutely, I can’t run without music’ to ‘absolutely not, it is just not safe when you can’t hear […]

60 000 3-ply Surgical Face Masks Donated for Frontline Workers

08 June 2020

Last week the South African National Department of Health accepted a donation of 60,000 3-ply surgical face masks from local tech distributor, Syntech Distribution. The donation with an estimated value of R850,000 based on government accepted surgical mask rates, will be used to protect medical professionals on the frontline. “[The masks] will go a long […]

Drive to Raise a Million Medical Face Masks

26 March 2020

Corporate South Africa is being called upon to join an emergency drive to get medical face masks to all those on the frontlines of the COVID-19 pandemic across the country. The drive is being spearheaded by Syntech, a Cape Town-based tech distribution company with a 17-year track record in importing state-of-the-art, high-grade equipment to South […]

Compete in the Fortnite Mythic Royale

03 February 2020

#MYTHICROYALE POWERED BY MSI, REDRAGON, & SPARKFOX   R30,000 cash up for grabs in new Fortnite series South Africa, 3rd February 2020 – MSI, Redragon, Sparkfox, and ACGL are proud to announce the first season in a new Fortnite tournament series. Season one of the #MythicRoyale will be hosted from 3 February until 27 June […]

MSI Appoints Syntech as Distributor in South Africa

13 January 2020

  MSI, the global gaming giant, has appointed local tech company Syntech as a distributor for South Africa. MSI has been a consistent pioneer of the global gaming and creative communities. The brand is regarded by many as one of the most trusted names in gaming and esports. Syntech will initially offer a range of […]

RAVPower IP66 Camouflage Power Bank Review

02 December 2019

By Werner Schmidt Testing the Limits Endurance cycling is one of my favorite pastimes. Spending hours, sometimes days (and nights) on a bicycle, often without access to any electricity, necessitates access to a reliable portable charging device for technology such as my Garmin 520 GPS, charging my flashing red rear light in the day so […]