Transform Storefronts with Giada Smart Digital Signage

26 July 2021

Digital signage


Today’s consumers expect digital in-store experiences

Once confined to the home, digital media is now a ubiquitous presence across all aspects of public life. Globally, the average consumer receives almost an hour of digital media exposure in public each week, apart from mobile devices. This digital transformation has shifted consumer expectations, making it more important than ever for brick-and-mortar retailers like fast-food chains, movie theatres, and shopping malls to capture customers through digital engagement.

For retailers, going digital can be difficult

Incorporating digital signage and experiences into the retail environment can be time-consuming and costly. Even after the initial install, traditional digital signage requires significant oversight and manual updates, making it difficult to attain worthwhile ROI. Retailers have to find a way to provide consumers with the digital experience they expect while also benefiting their bottom line.

Retailers need a complete IoT solution to transform the storefront

Only an open, reliable, and easy to manage IoT digital signage solution like Giada-Shutuo Smart Digital Signage enables retailers to deliver the digital experiences customers expect while also realizing tangible business value in the form of increased sales and optimized operations.

Business Drivers and Desired Outcomes

Business Drivers

The global smart digital signage market is increasing, and retailers need to invest to keep up with the competition. Research shows that 90% of customers leave a store when they can’t find a product they want. There is a growing need for both targeted customer advertisements and interactive displays that will capture customers’ attention. Digital signage not only makes marketing more poignant but it makes it more streamlined and cost-effective as well. Management can quickly update marketing across all digital signage simultaneously, enabling them to rapidly update messaging, eliminate poster printing costs, and deliver a richer customer experience.

Desired Outcomes

  • Provide consumers with product information quickly and effectively
  • Enhance customer satisfaction
  • Reduce customer wait time
  • Create efficient and convenient storefronts
  • Minimize operating costs
  • Improve brand perception


Business Benefits

Digital signage can be expensive, unreliable, and hard to manage. Together, Intel, Giada, and Shutuo are enabling retailers to overcome these challenges with a reliable, affordable, and easy-to-use digital signage solution that makes it possible to enhance sales, operations, and customer experiences through IoT.

Increase Sales


  • Quickly and effectively capture customer attention
  • Increase visitor flow
  • Drive product cross-selling

Optimize Operations


  • Streamline management and avoid disruption
  • Create efficient and convenient storefronts
  • Lower advertising costs

Enhance Customer Experience


  • Reduce customer wait time
  • Personalize advertisements based on analytics
  • Improve customer product understanding


Proven Results

After a 3 month trial run with Shutuo Digital Signage, WANDA Hospitality Group saw:

  • 80% increase in customer satisfaction
  • 20% increase in sales

Solution Overview

It all starts with interactive sensors and displays powered by Giada Cloud Terminals that leverage Intel Atom® or Intel® Core™ processors. These terminals pre-process signage, sensor and mobile data at the edge, and efficiently mediate that information to and from the cloud using Giada/Shutuo Smart Digital Signage software and security.

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