Giada’s Digital Signage Drives Transportation Transform

10 February 2021

Giada’s Digital Signage Drives Transportation Transform

Case Study

Location : Lanseria International Airport, Gauteng, South Africa

Industry : Airport, Transportation



Through Giada’s South African distributor Syntech, the local SI provided digital signage solutions to their customers whose business are concentrated in divisions of airports, train stations, golf courses and billboards. Adopting Giada products, it provided media & advertising solutions covering from content design and management to terminal display supply.

The content management system can support its customers’ promotions strategy and provide passengers with the latest seasonal services and products.

Key positions throughout the stations are equipped with a variety of display screens to inform and engage with passengers regarding service and promotion information.


  • Digital signage players fit to a variety of display screens
  • Durable even in harsh environments
  • Fanless, robust and cost-effective

Product Deployed

Key Benefits

  • Cost-effective
  • Reliable and qualified even in harsh environments
  • Auto power-on, and RTC supported by Giada patented technology, which significantly reduce the maintenance cost