DOD – Leader in High Quality Camcorders DOD is a pioneering and leading brand of car DVRs. The brands goal is to provide high quality digital product for the market. With added features such as compact sizes, stylish design and high-resolution, DOD products provide the security of car and home surveillance for you to enjoy […]

Just Landed! Patriot Mobility Series

Patriot On-The-G0 Mobility Series Upgrade your storage and stay on the go with the Patriot’s new range of Mobile and On-The-Go devices. The Patriot USB OTG (on-the-go) compatible flash drives and Mobile charging kits are equipped with full sized USB 3.0 and Micro USB connectors for compatibility with laptops and Android based tablets or smartphones… […]

Patriot Cosmos Card Reader (OTG)

What is it? OTG (On-The-Go) Cosmos card reader is a USB2.0/microUSB card reader designed specifically for smartphones and tablets. The microUSB allows direct transfer of photos and data to/from mobile devices to either a full sized SD or microSD flash card. FEATURES

Patriot Stellar (OTG/USB 3.0) Flash Drive

What is it? Patriot Stellar (OTG) is a USB 3.0/microUSB flash drive, designed specifically for smartphones and tablets. The microUSB allows direct transfer of photos and data to/from mobile devices. The USB connector enables usage as a drive on their PC/MAC. FEATURES


Geniatech – Designed for you, manufactured by us! Geniatech is the leading OEM/ODM company specialized in providing an open android based hardware and software platform for OTT Android boxes with embedded digital TV tuner in it, video capturing devices and video converter devices. We perform faster in the OTT and hybrid android box field. Syntech […]


Lexar – A world leader in reliable, award-winning memory solutions. Whether shooting photos, capturing video, watching movies on a tablet, or simply transferring and sharing files on the go, Lexar® memory solutions provide the performance and reliability needed to get the most from your digital device. Lexar’s award-winning lineup and 15 years in the memory […]

Patriot Fuel+ Mobile Rechargable Battery

What is it? Gear up and stay on the go with Patriot’s Mobile Power and Storage Kit. The kit contains a FUEL+ battery, an (On-the-go) OTG compatible SD/microSD card reader and 16GB or 32GB microSD card that will ensure you can stay charged and take media and data with you while mobile. The FUEL+ 8700mAh battery included in […]

Geniatech Android Media players with XBMC

MAKE HOME TV SMART The “Smart” in Smart TV’s refers to the ability to connect to the Internet. Geniatech, the leader in multimedia has released the newest Dual Core HDMI Stick. The new Geniatech Media Players are tiny, sophisticated micro-computers running the Android 4.1 operating system, which can not only connect your television to your […]

ImogenStudio +CAM – The World's First Video Security Accessory for your Smartphone

Simplicity, security and reassurance on the go… ImogenStudio is passionate about creating well-designed, high-quality imaging products that are easily accessible to all people. The ImogenStudio +Cam is a video security accessory for your smartphone. It brings an entirely new way of securely streaming video to your computer, iPhone and Android device. The ImogenStudio +Cam features […]


DOD is the pioneer brand of car DVRs, focusing on development and production of high quality in-car surveillance solutions. A dashboard camera (dash-cam for short, and also known as a “car black box”) is a video recording device, which is usually mounted onto the front windshield of a vehicle. While the vehicle is being operated, […]

NEW! Celluon evoMouse Virtual Multi-Touch Mouse

The Evolution of The Mouse… With the evoMouse, you can perform common mouse operations using only your fingertips. You can control the cursor, click, select, double click, right-click and drag with basic hand gestures. The evoMouse also features multi-touch functionality including scroll, rotate, zoom, forward and back. The evoMouse is easy and convenient to set […]

DOD LS330W Full HD Car DVR with WDR Technology

Record all that happens in front of you as you drive… The DOD LS330W has a super slim, dynamic and compact design, with multiple feature improvements, as well as support for an external High-Speed GPS receiver. The camera packs great features such as 1080P Full HD video recording, loop recording, GPS logging (optional accessory), supports […]

Sonnet Tempo SATA ExpressCard/34

SATA-On-The-Go… Sonnet’s Tempo™ SATA ExpressCard/34 provides eSATA connectivity for the mobile Mac® or Windows user who needs access to fast external data storage. When speed matters most, eSATA is the interface of choice—it delivers the best performance from storage systems with multiple interfaces (FireWire, USB, eSATA). This Sonnet host controller has two external, 3Gb/s, SATA […]

Sonnet Allegro USB3.0 PCIe Card

Add SuperSpeed USB Connections to Your Mac Pro or Desktop PC Your computer has USB 2.0 ports, and they’ve served you well. Talk about compatibility—keyboards, mice, printers, scanners, joysticks, digital cameras, flash drives—what couldn’t you plug in? Talk about performance—well, that’s where USB ports 2.0 are merely passable—they limit data transfer speeds to around 25–30 […]

Sonnet Echo Express III-D & III-R Thunderbolt 2 ™ Expansion Chassis

Introducing The Sonnet Echo Express III-D & III-R Thunderbolt 2 ™ Expansion Chassis Sonnet’s Echo Express III enables you to connect three compatible full-size professional video capture, audio interface, and other special-purpose cards to your iMac®, Mac® mini, new Mac Pro®, MacBook Air®, or MacBook Pro® with a Thunderbolt port.Featuring 20Gbps Thunderbolt 2* technology, these […]

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