Want to design your ultimate desktop PC, but tired of having to select from pre-configured builds? Want to spec a machine according to your exact needs, but don’t want to worry about whether every part is perfectly compatible? Then PCBuilder is the tool for you.

What is pcbuilder?

PCBuilder is an innovative system integration tool that allows users the freedom (and internal logic) to intuitively build the PC of their dreams. Some special features include:

PCBuilder uses compatibility-checking algorithms to ensure that all the components you select in your gaming rig will work together (even highlighting incompatible parts). 

Independent 3DMark benchmark scores are available for your build, which tell you exactly how many FPS you can expect to get across a selection of popular titles. 

Your custom build will even get an estimate score from the Time Spy test, which is widely considered the ideal test for benchmarking graphics.

What are you waiting for?

Let’s help you build the gaming PC of your dreams!


PCBuilder is in Beta

There might still be some technical issues and bugs. Please bear with us if these do come up, and notify us of your experience.